While in college I worked for a company that sincerely put their staff first. Their belief was, “A happy staff makes for happy clients.” It showed. I have done my best to stay true to this in every decision I’ve made in building this business. I hope you are as happy with our staff as I am, because without them, this business would just be an idea. I’m grateful for our amazing team and I hope you are too!


Chris Sabanos Owner


Born and raised in Austin (Austin High alum Loyal Forever!). He enjoys making music, he’s the lead singer in the Austin band Light the Sun, helping others, especially those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, cultivating facial hair, and hanging out with his son Jack. Chris has been in the service industry since 2004, with several years spent in fine dining, where his attention to detail was allowed to flourish. This attention to detail is a keystone in the training of all staff members who join the Austin Wedding Helpers team, and an integral part of what sets our staff apart from the others.

Austin Wedding Helpers was built out of a need Chris saw while helping to bring a wedding venue into fruition. Once it was up and running, it was clear the couples needed some extra hands on deck. So, Chris recruited some friends and with his background in service, he was able to lead them to success. Since then, the business has grown quite a bit, but that same willingness to help is the backbone of what we do.



Dylan moved to Austin from east Texas in 2006, where he attended ACC and The University of Texas. He has been with Austin Wedding Helpers since August of 2015. Dylan is in charge of day to day operations, sales and staffing events. He is hardworking but also strongly believes that work should be fun. You will often see him smiling even when there is a lot of work to be done.